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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Seraphimé Update and Other Stuff

For those who haven't read it in a previous post, Seraphimé is the title of my most recent narrative effort. I thought that the whole story might only be one book this time around, I was wrong.

At 89 098 words, book one of Seraphimé is now, as of late yesterday morning, complete (about 11 ooo words shy of my target, but still not a bad length). Well, the first draft is complete. I now await my beta readers to review it, should they chose to. I'm leaving it alone for three or so months.... well, that part of the story anyhow.

The plan now:
  • Go back and review The Third Prince. There can never be too many reviews/ edits. I want that manuscript polished to perfection in case Tor, or anyone else for that matter, decides they want to see it.
  • Write Seraphimé, Book 2. Deadline - 3 months from commencement (though book one really only took just under two).
  • Hopefully come up with better titles for Seraphimé, Book 1 and Seraphimé, Book 2. Man, I need a better imagination.
  • Hope to high heaven that Book 2 finishes the story. That's the goal at least.
  • Go back and review Lord of Horses.
  • Start and finish a new story/ book (hopefully there'll be another one in there), or Seraphimé, Book 3 if necessary.
  • Go back and review Seraphimé, Book 1, which by then will have a better title.
And so on and so forth in a cyclical fashion.

You know, I've just realised that I've written five full-length novel manuscripts (as in manuscripts for novels, not novel as in 'new' or 'imaginative'). Not bad for someone in their twenties right?

Now, to the other stuff that is far more interesting. A Facebook friend of mine (thanks Tom!) directed me to this site:

It's a wonderful idea that endeavours to create a library of the entire world. Living in the Urban Jungles are books. Some books never get read, and are thrown out without a further thought. Bookcrossing seeks to eliminate that.
What you do:
Have a second copy of a book you don't want? Have a first copy of a book you don't want? Register with, give your particular book a special code, write all about it in the cover of the book, along with the website address, and.... leave it in a public place to be found and read by someone else, who will either keep it... or pass it along in the same manner.

What. A. FABULOUS. Idea.

I've signed up. I've inherited a bunch of books that I'm probably not going to keep. So, instead of sending them to die a miserable death at the hands of the paper pulp monster, I shall do the above and release these books to run free in the wild.

The great thing is, you can track your books (because of the great code) and see where they are in the world, who has read them and kept them/ passed them on.

Furthermore, it's a terrific idea to get word out about your books. If you're a self-published author and you want to drum up word of mouth, free one copy of your book in a public place, and watch it travel. How cool is that?

I am in LOVE with this site.

Well, that's it from me. Hope everyone out there in the faceless interwebs is doing well!

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