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Monday, December 14, 2009

'Tis the Season!

This weekend was simply wonderful! Not only did it look like a Christmas postcard outside, I was able to meet up with and enjoy the company of good people all weekend. Saturday was particularly special for an accidental reason.

It was a very busy day for me. In the morning for roughly an hour and a half, I went to Lion Dance practice. I had taken a three month sabbatical (of sorts) from it as I had started too much at once and was very quickly burning out. I was very surprised that I simply remembered everything. To be honest, because it was a seminar and there were a fair number of new people, our troupe leader took it very slowly first and I was able to revise extensively. I had forgotten how much fun it could be, if a little rough on my still broken toe and torn hamstring.

The troupe went out to lunch afterwards. Being in Chinatown, we were in no shortage of places to eat. After lunch with the troupe, I went immediately to the Community Centre where I regularly teach beginner Kung Fu. I taught for an hour and then happily walked to my bus-stop, only to discover police cars lining the road and the road itself blocked off. People lined the streets and seemed to be in good cheer.

I had no clue as to what was going on, but I realised that a bus would not be coming through the police blockade any time soon. So, having done it countless times in the summer, I started to walk and as I started to walk, vehicles started driving down the road and announced the reason for the police blockade.

It was the Winter Olympic Torch Relay. I had stumbled upon it quite by accident, not remembering when and where it was happening. For 12 or so blocks from the edge of Downtown Ottawa to the beginning of Old Ottawa South, I walked with the Olympic Torch. It was quite wonderful to see all the happy faces, and to hear the cheering. I'm kicking myself for not brining my camera with me.

Of course, the downside was that I couldn't cross the street as the torch relay turned and I ended up missing not just one, but five buses home. Not that it particularly mattered, though I was anxious to get home and get ready for the party I attended Saturday night.

That party was wonderful. It was, of course, the Wutan Christmas party and it was a blast. I'm just sorry that everyone went home so soon! It began with a buffet dinner that was, as most buffet dinners are, fairly average. However, the company was good, so I'd be the last to complain! The Lion Dance Troupe (sans moi) performed for us, followed by forms demonstrations. These were spur of the moment happening, these demonstrations. Most of the performers were volun-told. I, unfortunately, was one of them.

It was announced that I would perform Tiger-Tail Broadsword, a form I had performed in the past. I refused, of course, but soon my entire table was chanting my name. Having really no choice, I consented, only there was not broadsword to perform with... a good thing considered the cramped space! I was cheerfully handed a spoon by my Kung Fu brother Martin. The spoon was still covered in the remnants of his ice-cream dessert, and was promptly returned. Some kind (cough, cough) person handed me a clean spoon and I went up and performed.

Naturally, I forgot the form entirely and ended up doing something akin to a dance that really had nothing to do with the form. Nevertheless, I have been told that my spoon was fearsome indeed and no one at the dessert station would ever mess with me.

The night ended far too soon for my liking, but I suppose that was a good thing as I had to clean the house the following day in preparation for a small dinner party I was throwing for friends.

Sunday's dinner party went well. Kevin very kindly cooked and cleaned. There was wine (a bottle of which I had won Saturday night in a draw), there was home-made pizza (absolutely delicious!) and there were laughs and lots of cat cuddling. The purpose of the dinner was to introduce Sharon's cat Fei Fei to ours. That did not go well. Fei Fei did not take to Persephone and Galahad, whose curiosity was rewarded with hisses and growls. It seems that we will not be able to look after Fei Fei when Sharon goes away for Christmas. I certainly hope that she finds a sitter!

The next few weeks are going to be just as crazy. Tuesday night, Jasmine and I are hosting a tree-trimming party and turkey feast at our place, I have to go and dog sit for four days over the weekend, and there will be carolling on the 20th. Not four days later, it will be Christmas.


Of course, with all this running around, I'm going to need to take a break, and I've book three days after New Year's Day to rest a recuperate.

Well, that was my exciting weekend. I hope yours was just as wonderful!

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