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- Graycie Harmon

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Surprise! Something Worth Bloggin About!

I know today is Tuesday, and I know I should have another interview up, but the truth is the interviewee hasn't yet answered the questions (hope he will soon). As a result, this post is about an hour late. Sorry.

Luckily, something happened that last night that is worth blogging about - a surprise visit from a beloved friend from Norway. Welcome home Ida! What a lovely surprise.

The funny thing is, I accidentally found out that she was coming yesterday, but was expecting her to come around Thanksgiving or my birthday. I certainly did not expect her last night. How did I find out?

Funny story. My dear friend Trina cannot access her hotmail or facebook inbox from her work computer. She regularly phones me up to access her facebook messages for her. It just so happened that yesterday she called me asking her to check because she believed that she received a message from our mutual friend Julia.

As it turned out, however, the message was from my much beloved flatmate Jasmine. The title was "Ida's TOP SECRET visit" (or something very close to that). I cracked up laughing on the phone and immediately let Trina know that the surprise was spoilt. Poor Trina. She made me promise that I wouldn't open the message and read its contents and immediately made me close everything down.

True to my word, I read nothing other than the title of the email. So I just assumed that Ida would be coming next month or the month after. I didn't know she would arrive that very evening!

Sneaky little Hobbits's!

The other thing that went wrong last evening was that I arrived home about a half hour earlier than normal after training last night, leaving Jasmine completely unprepared. Poor Jasmine. She walked through the door as my Kung Fu brother and I were playing with the kittens. I recognised her car alarm beep and yelled out my greeting. Ida was in the car.

Jazz later admitted that while Ida was in the car, she was thinking furiously about a new plan and an excuse to go out to the car. As it turned out, she was given the excuse by Ida, who opened the door and set the car alarm off. That gave Jasmine the reason she needed to go out and warn Ida and formulate a new plan.

Sneaky, sneaky little Hobbits's!

I'm very thrilled to have her here! I've missed Ida very much. We met in University during our Anthropology of Religion class. We've been good friends ever since. *Sigh

Today, I love surprises.


Anonymous said...

Anthropology class is a good place to make friends.
Catherine in Kingston

S. M. Carrière said...

It is indeed! By the by, do you happen to know the whereabouts of Prof. Kilmurray? I'd love to drop him a line!