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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Oh My Goddess, Leonie!

As promised, here is the first of the interviews. May I present Leonie Allan, a very good friend of mine since High School and an all 'round gorgeous goddess. I seem to be having an issue with the editing, so somethings that aren't meant to be bold are likely to be. Oh well!

A little bit about Leonie
I have known Leonie since grade 11, when we both attended Blackheath and Thornburgh College in Charters Towers, QLD, Australia (insert shameless plug for my Alma Mater). In her own words, Leonie is 27. She lives in the gorgeous alpine city of Canberra, Australia with her sweet love Chris, their two hilarious puppies, and a little 3 month baby bump.

As she herself says, she was "born in a little town in Northern Australia that was named after a goddess - the Goddess Persephone... a sign of times to come, I like to think!"

Now, onto with the interview!

SMC: For those who haven't yet check the links I've posted, please explain what it is exactly you do:

LA: I'm a Goddess Guide, and help women discover the creative, wise, joyful Goddess inside them through e-courses, coaching, retreats, art & photography. It's such a deep joy to be doing this work... and amazing knowing that I've helped over a thousand women over the last five years.

SMC: You began by selling your own art, is this correct?

LA: I did indeedy. Actually - what started first was that I was a part of an online message board, and I started sharing photographs of art I was making, just for fun. And then people started wanting to buy them, so I had to work out if I wanted to sell them, and how to price them. I actually wrote a bit on how to do Sacred Pricing to work out how you want to sell your creative and spiritual gifts and services:

SMC: How did your work develop into what it is you do now?

LA: The first part was people wanting to buy my stuff in a fairly passionate way. Also, when I was 21, I started attending my first women's circle. And as soon as I set foot in that circle, I knew that women's work - of creativity and spirituality - and of women discovering the Goddess inside them - that that was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. So I kept creating, and I also started running circles and retreats when the right time came up.
And whenever my spirit calls me to do, explore or share something new, I follow it and trust it... and miracles always come :) So that's been my very un-business plan. :)
SMC: What is your goal (What do you hope to achieve through your work)?
LA: I hope for women to know they are amazing and wise... and that joy is an option.
I hope for all souls to know that everything is going to be okay... and that they are loved.
I hope for all of us to get to see we really are the miracles we have needed.

SMC: It is clear from your blog that you feel very strongly about your mission. Why is that? Was/were there any particular experience(s) that led you to your work?

I do feel strongly about it. I'm not sure if there is a particular point that shifted it. I do know however there have been some incredibly hard and difficult places and times in my life (the death of my brother as an example)... and that this work has given me such joy, wisdom, sustenance and faith. I just don't see things as being "bad" anymore - I just feel like everything is a blessing, a gift, that we get to learn lessons from. And some of those lessons are huge, and are so difficult to move through at the time... but just to know that everything really will be okay, and we will come out the other side even deeper and richer than before - now that's precious. That's worth moving toward.

SMC: Why do you believe that art is such a necessity for people (are you listening, Mr. Harper?)?

LA: Because it can be such a gorgeous pathway of joy, discovery, bliss, meditation and healing. We can uncover our soul's story, and our beauty, and the wisdom we need to share through our art. Creativity can help us find the goddess inside us.

SMC: Why do you believe that spirituality is such a necessity for people?

LA: I do feel we've got a choice about these things - that some souls will get called to it, some won't. And that's totally, awesomely perfect.
Spirituality for me makes my life glow more. It makes it more meaningful, precious and lovely. Life doesn't feel random or cruel to me - it feels mysterious, but wonderful, and totally imbued with Great Spirit.

SMC: When it come to your life and work, who or what were your biggest influences?

I so deeply believe that our own gurus are ourselves... that inside us is all the wisdom, love and joy we've been waiting for. So, for me, the Goddess Leonie is just what I need.

SMC: You've told your legions of faithful friends and followers that you are recently pregnant (a huge congratulations, by the way). You are currently keeping an online, public video diary of your experiences as a budding new mother. Why did you decide to do so?

Thanks darlingheart!
I started sharing about my pregnancy when I was six weeks pregnant - still just a tiny glimmer of light! My love and I deeply felt that we wanted to share our journey exactly how it was. We were utterly fine and accepting of this being a "just popping in to say hello and will come back later" pregnancy or a "this is going to end in a baby coming out my vag pregnancy!"
So I wanted to document my beautiful, sacred journey - because no matter what happened with it - it was profound to me... and something that women everywhere needed to hear.
And it is looking more and more like this is a "going to end in a baby coming out my vag" pregnancy, so I'll keep on sharing that path too :)

SMC: Even you've noted that sometimes pursuing your dream is not easy. What keeps you going?

LA: Because it's my ginormous big dream... and if I wasn't doing it, I would be avoiding doing it. It's more important for me to live in integrity with what my big dream is then hiding under a cupboard, trying not to get to into my dream just incase disappointment or fears come up.
I'd much rather be walking my path, just as I am, finding the courage, comfort and wisdom I need along the way.

SMC: What advice can you offer for people who are starting out, or currently deeply entrenched in pursuing their dreams?

LA: Just that you rock. I believe in you. Whatever your dream is - I think this world needs it.

LA: Thanks so much sweetheart.

SMC: No, thank-you!

To check out Leonie's life-dream, go here (or click on the link right beside this blog).

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