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Monday, September 21, 2009

Some Very Pretty but Unrelated Pictures

Well, one of my friends pointed me in the direction of a fabulous article that spoke of the the telescope Hubble's repairs. It can now take super detailed photos of space. Some of the images were so breath-taking they deserve to be shared. Also included are my imaginings - things I see in each of the images.... An over-active imagination, I'm sure!

* all images courtesy of NASA, acquired at:

Isn't this just beautiful? I kinda see a dragon looking back over its shoulder in this one. He has a glowing belly.
This one looks like a mermaid... or like you're looking up at one as she swims overhead.

I call this one the "Cosmic Family." Doesn't it look like one person (on the left) is holding an infant and there are two others in the family circle.

This one is awesome! It looks like an older woman pointing the way.

And my favourite, and probably most famous, the butterfly. Soooooo pretty.


Chaeya said...

I love these pictures. I gave these ideas to my artist to kind of play with for my book cover.

S. M. Carrière said...

That's wonderful! I just posted them because they were pretty! I'm very glad that they can be useful as well!