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- Graycie Harmon

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I've Been Googled

Alright, I have something by way of news. It's an mysterious, anonymous piece of news.

I have been Googled (can I just say how much I love that "Googled" is now in the dictionary?), and it wasn't by me.

I received this message from informing my that my profile there has been viewed from a Google search:

To: Sonia Carrière
Company: S. M. Carrière

To keep you informed each time an Internet searcher views your online profile, Ziggs automatically provides the following real-time data about the most recent visitor to your profile:

Search Engine: Google
Search Terms: sonia michelle carriere
Visitor Location: Ottawa, ON (Canada)
Date: September 15, 2009
Time: 10:43 PM EST

No one except my good friends know my middle name. Well, now you do too. I know that it isn't anyone from Tor (damn it!) because the "visitor location" was Ottawa. I've been Googled by a fellow Ottawan.

Should I be concerned?

Stay tuned....


Creative Chronicler said...

That is kinda cool. What's even cooler is that you have an award waiting on my page.

Creative Chronicler said...

Actually you have two, I didn't put it in the original post but I'm going to add you to the Quest Award since your blog is new.

S. M. Carrière said...

That's really superb! Thanks so much!

Kendra said...

Of course, the very fact that you stated you got googled made me google you (sans middle name) just to see. lol

S. M. Carrière said...

lol. Did you find any dirt?