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Monday, June 6, 2011

A Life of Learning

Edit to correct glaring typographical errors... because I'm a dolt.

Good morning!

This weekend, I learnt to sew. Not exactly accurate, actually. I already knew how to sew. This weekend, I learnt to use a sewing machine. I remember trying once in early High School, only to have my home economics teacher tell me I'd never make a good wife (but response was 'good,' but never mind about that).

I regret not learning, however, as I often watch my flatmate make awesome dresses in a matter of minutes. This weekend, I resolved to learn, if only because I've been dying to make a costume for Equestrian Archery.

Yes, I am that much of a dork.

I had hit upon a three-layer design - Long sleeved undershirt, T-Tunic, sleeveless long tunic - and I really, really wanted it done for the next lesson. The undershirt and T-tunic are finished. All that remains is the sleeveless long tunic, and that's going to take some time as it's a little more complicated than the T-Tunic. It's going to be epic.

Also, my flatmate and I have more or less formed our very own SCA (Society of Creative Anachronisms). We're not so dorky that we've taken on alternate names or call each other by title (except in a tongue-in-cheek fashion), but we have decided on sigils that best describe us. J.M-B., for example has taken as her sigil the polar bear. K.M-B. has chosen a falcon.

I, myself, have chosen a boar. I was thinking of something cooler at first, like a wolf or stag. However, I think boar suits me best. Let's face it, I have none of the grace of a stag, nor any of the sleek quality of a wolf.

And if I didn't prove I was geeky enough before, I think I just cinched it now! Whatever. What's life without a little whimsy?

All of that to say, I'm rather proud of myself for learning to use a sewing machine (even though the machine was temperamental as hell).

Onto some really rather wonderful news. I've decided to publish my short story anthology, The Dying God & Other Stories, to a broader readership. To that end, I spent much of last week preparing the document for publication via

Due to file size issues, and my inability to compress images in words as per later versions of word, I was unable to upload the illustrated version to Smashwords. However, I created a less expensive Unillustrated Edition, which you can purchase for $5.99. Click HERE if you would like to preview/download the eBook.

As Kindle Store didn't have such a restriction of the file size upload, I uploaded the illustrated version there. It is now officially live. Click HERE if you would like that one instead. There is a price difference, since this one has pictures....

Both versions are available for the same prices via Click HERE for the Illustrated version, and HERE for the Unillustrated version.

And of course, the original is still available via

After that exciting news, I just remembered that I forgot to prepare the weekend's Forgotten English. Complete human error this time. Luckily for you that translates into a two-for-one deal... or , at least, it would, if I could find Saturday's word. Um... hmmm...

You'll get it when I find it.

Today's Forgotten English is:


Abounding with nits, the eggs of a louse or other small insect.
- Rev. John Boag's Imperial Lexicon of the English Language, c. 1850

There's a fair amount of filing that needs to be done, so I'll not likely hit my word count target today. Oh well. Such is life.

Have a marvellous Monday everyone!

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