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- Graycie Harmon

Friday, August 21, 2009

Some Websites You Might Find Useful

I was fortunate enough to be given some helpful sites by Charles Weinblatt, author of Jacob's Courage. There is a link to his site in my "Must Reads" section on the right hand side of this blog. I have to say, I am rather encouraged by his openness and willingness to help unpublished nobodies like myself.

A huge thank-you to Mr. Weinblatt.

Since he was so kind as to share with me, I think I should reciprocate by sharing it with you, the other unpublished authors out there. The first site that may be of interest is:

I signed up for this site a couple of weeks before finishing the first ever, exceptionally rough draft of my four book series. This is also the site through which I first got in contact with Mr. Weinblatt. As far as networking, it clearly works and we all know that the more we network, the more ears there are available to hear our stories, the greater chance there is that someone will be interested in our work, the greater chance of being published.

For this reason, you might also want to check out

The last website to try is This site is an absolute must for book lovers. Not only can you share and recommend books to other people, you can submit a part (or all) of your work for review and commentary by complete strangers, who love books and reading. That is a fabulous way to:
1. Have your stuff read and constructively critiqued, and
2. Get word out about your stuff.
Also, if you are already a published author, there is a special section for you to create an author's profile where you and your fans can communicate directly. It's a fantastic way to get an "in" if you catch my drift. I'm not a published author, so I can't do that... yet!

I am on all three websites. Feel free to add me as a contact/friend/connection and with luck, we'll all be published someday.


K said...

Of course, always use There's nothing lost in a little time spent reading some of the classics.

S. M. Carrière said...

Thanks for the tip K!
That page is going up on my must reads. Give Buzz an extra cuddle for me.